About Us

Thank you so much for visiting our online store. I'm Brittany Voltmer, the owner and maker behind Britt Cimone.

I'm a Kansas City native who loves fashion, laughing, and all things pretty.

I graduated from MWSU with my bachelors in Business Management and also graduated from there with my Masters in Business Administration.

I am married to the LOML and we have two very spoiled german short hair pointers. You may see them from time to time on social media!

About Britt Cimone

Britt Cimone originally started as an online boutique for women who created their own box. But, then quarantine happened.

We all know how quarantine went and what was a difficult time for myself out came a love I never knew was waiting for me - polymer clay.

Britt Cimone is so much more than handmade earrings. It's the place where you go to share in life happenings with a community full of diverse and strong women. 

The majority of the time I create your earrings based on the mood that I am in. Each pair is unique, just like all of us women. While these earrings are made based on my story, they're created to live their life throughout your story.

Whether you're a mom, working in Corporate America, running your own small business, soon-to-bride or anything in between, Britt Cimone earrings are created to give you an extra boost of confidence while being a part of your every day life happenings.

How cool is it that we get to share this together?